How To Care for Luxury Leather Bags for Women in Tropical Climates

Luxury Leather Bags for Women in Humidity

This is especially in Asian countries with tropical climates like Singapore where the weather provides the perfect breeding ground for mould growth on leather. So how does one go about treating leather bags for women to make sure they last in our tropical climate?

At Kelly Luxury, we have had the good fortune of selling over 20,000 luxury bags to over 15,000 customers in Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. Since we are a certified eCommerce retailer, we handle hundreds of luxury leather bags daily in our operations center in Singapore and must store these bags for our customers before shipping.

This has given us the experience of how to care for luxury leather bags for ladies in Asia’s tropical climate. In this post, we will share our personal tips and tricks for keeping your luxury leather bags in good condition so you will always be happy using them.

We want to make sure that you get the best out of your beloved luxury leather bags so that they can last you a lifetime and more.

Luxury Leather Bags for Women | Kelly Luxury

Store Women's Leather Bags Properly

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Practicing good storage habits are essential because simply jamming your luxury leather bags in a damp, dark place for an extended period can lead to an unpleasant moldy smell plus compromise their look and feel.

To combat this, the number one advice we always give customers is that luxury leather bags for women should always be kept upright and stuffed to maintain their natural shape rather than hung on a rack or clothing peg.

Since the first thing you fall in love with when purchasing a leather luxury bag is its appearance, storing it in this manner lets you make sure your bag looks just like the day you bought it.

An easy method to stuff your bag is to use small pillows that can fit comfortably inside with enough room for you to take them out later without scratching it or even tissue paper for any tight corners that can easily get nudged out of shape.

As online luxury bag retailers, we know that not everyone has a designated wardrobe or area they can keep their bags in, but we would still advise you to try and place your luxury leather bags in a shaded and enclosed space when not in use. This is because direct sunlight is harmful to the leather and can cause colour oxidation.

MAINTAIN Your LUXURY Leather Bags Regularly

A common misconception many seem to have is that just storing your luxury leather bags when they are not in use will keep them safe. This is simply far from the truth.

Even when your bag might have been used regularly in the past but is just stored away for a long time, simply storing it in a cloth bag can cause humidity to build up and this will rot away at the leather.

A practice that Kelly Luxury takes in our operations in Singapore and promotes amongst customers is to regularly air your designer leather bags even when they are not in use, preferably once a month or more. This will prevent such mold from building up.

We are also against the idea of permanently storing your luxury leather bags in the boxes or cloth bags they came with, as these are most likely dusty and can cause damage to the leather in the long run.

We understand that luxury leather bags for women are treasures, but that also means you should be trying to get good mileage out of them, too!

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Treat & Clean Leather Bags for Ladies as Needed

Luxury Leather Bags | Kelly Luxury

The tropical heat and high humidity in many Asian countries make it very difficult for even the best care products to protect the leather.

However, that does not mean you should skimp out and avoid it entirely! In fact, you should always invest in proper care products so that your luxury leather bags for women especially are always protected against dust, dirt, and water whether they are in use or not.

If your bag has a serious mold problem, it is always best to take it to a professional cleaner rather than do it yourself. But since prevention is better than cure, here are some helpful tips we have learned over the years on how to prevent mold from ruining your favorite leather luxury bag:    

  • Untreated natural leather (exotic leather or suede): Make sure to dust the bag thoroughly with a dry paper tower as any type of moisture can cause unwanted staining.
  • Pressed grain: Wipe the outside of your bag with a damp paper towel or alcohol-free baby wipes. But a word of caution! You should always make sure your wipes are mild and scent-free or the chemicals will affect the color of the leather once it dries.
  • If possible, handle these problems quickly so that moisture does not get a chance to damage your beautiful bag.
  • A general rule of thumb should be to gently wipe and dust your leather luxury bags every month when you air them out.
  • Use a specialized leather conditioner around every 3-6 months depending on the condition of the leather to ensure that its texture is always supple. Remember, leather is just like skin, so it needs to be moisturized so that it does not dry out!

Invest in a Dehumidifier for Your Luxury Leather Bags

Since humidity is mold’s partner in crime, Kelly Luxury has found out that a practical method for curbing Singapore’s tropical climate from ruining our luxury leather bags is to invest in a humidifier.

Experts have studied that the perfect humidity to prevent mold from staining your leather luxury handbag is between 50-55%, so a dehumidifier works perfectly in letting you worry less about whether your branded leather bags are being eaten away by that pesky mold [8].

Even if you cannot fit a dehumidifier in your storage space or do not find it practical, another trick we have given customers is to keep the small bags of silica gel that they get from purchasing any type of luxury goods.

Since silica gel is used to absorb excess moisture from the air, it is a practical alternative to keep your leather luxury handbags from being moistened by excess water in humid rooms.

While the tips and care methods shared in this article may seem like a pain to follow at times, these are tried and tested methods we use at Kelly Luxury to make sure even our personal luxury leather bag collections are in excellent condition over a long time.

Care for your leather luxury bag wisely and you can have it last longer than most of us do our credit cards! Not only will your investment be with you for a lifetime, but you will always be satisfied whenever you see your bag looking just like the day you bought it.

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