At Kelly Luxury, we pride ourselves on offering only 100% authentic branded bags to customers at affordable prices in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and across Asia.

In the efforts to continuously make sure our prices and quality are in line with other competitors, we analyse the market. Knowing there has been increasing counterfeit goods being sold of lower quality, it is the responsibility of reputable companies to provide high-quality, authentic quality bags to their customers, preventing them from any sort of online fraud.

As an online merchant, we know that buying used luxury handbags may help people get cheaper products; however, an authentic designer bag will be reliable, lasting for a longer period. Plus, a genuine product has its uniqueness that a replica cannot buy.

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How to Identify an Authentic Quality Bag Over a Counterfeit

High-end, triple counterfeit designer bags from sought-after brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, Gucci, and others are often so faithfully imitated that the average customer might not realise their purchase is a fake until it is too late.

However, not all is lost.

Fashion experts say that certain shoppers themselves have learned how to discern what details to look for that can reveal whether the authentic quality bag they want to purchase is the real deal or a convincing deception.  

In the efforts to continuously make sure our prices and quality are in line with other competitors, we have been made increasingly aware that counterfeit bags have become a rising concern amongst the online shopping community in the desire to find high-quality, authentic luxury products at a good price.

As an online merchant, we know that buying used luxury handbags can help you find high-quality products at a good price but it is equally as important to get an authentic designer bag instead of spending money on cheap replicas that will not last as long as the genuine item.

While counterfeit handbags are often a challenge to discover, there are still certain pointers that can help an average buyer discern fake luxury bags from real ones.

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Whenever we receive a new shipment of authentic bags, Kelly Luxury always makes sure to do a thorough quality check to ensure that nothing is amiss with the bag’s build, material, and general quality.

If you notice that a luxury bag you are interested in purchasing has bad or frayed seams that looked glued rather than stitched, it is most likely a fake. The most obvious counterfeit bags tend to be poorly put together to cut corners on cost.

To ensure authenticity, the most common practice for any luxury brand and genuine luxury sellers is to make sure they maintain certificates and proof of authenticity as these can be traced back to the luxury bag’s brands themselves. Without these, anything could go wrong.

You should also be aware of tiny details that counterfeiters might miss when replicating authentic quality bags. Every designer is different when it comes to the details they add to their handbags to measure authenticities.

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All luxury designers have patents on their designs and logos which counterfeiters would never be able to secure because these brands will not sell them out at any cost!

This is why most genuine designer handbags usually come with an authenticity card, which Kelly Luxury always keeps for verification purposes that can keep brands accountable while giving our customers ease of mind.

If you are a customer making a first-time purchase for any sort of luxury item online, we always advise you to ask your seller to provide some solid proof of authenticity and quality before confirming both the payment and the purchase.

At Kelly Luxury, all our products come with original certificates of authenticity or original documentation. In addition, our brand is also certified in retail management and adopts the Singapore Standards Council’s technical reference for eCommerce businesses to assure customers that they are purchasing luxury goods from a professional and genuine seller.

Rock-bottom Prices of Authentic High-Quality Bags

One of the biggest indicators of a counterfeit bag is price. Genuine designer bags are often discounted, but if they are, they should never be labeled at rock-bottom prices.

If you are offered a genuine designer bag for $275 but it retails for $3,000 as a brand-new product, there is a high chance that it might not be as real as you would like it to be.

Often, we can see that luxury bag designers have a signature bag or style that is chic and timeless. If you are thinking of picking up an authentic quality bag online, we advise you to take the time to do a little inspection for the designer’s key design characteristics, especially for online purchases as these are often used, secondhand goods that come directly from the online retailers themselves.

High-Quality Authentic Bags Online | Kelly Luxury

Counterfeit designer bags are common, so it is best to buy from a trusted retailer to avoid getting ripped off. We understand that it might be tempting to grab a cheap luxury bag, but you should always make sure to purchase from established sellers with credentials, testimonials, and a proven track record.

We wish you all the best in finding an authentic branded bag that fits your style, personality, and budget!

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